GST Alert – connect with us before15th August

Due dates of filing GST returns for the month of July and August, 2017 as per notification No. 18,19,20,21 dated 08/08/2017
FORM GSTR – 1(Notification No.18)
July = 1to 5 September
August = 16 to 20 September
FORM GSTR – 2(Notification No.19)
July = 6 to 10 September
August = 21 to 25 September
FORM *GSTR-3*(Notification No. 20)
July = 11 to 15 September
August = 26 to 30 September
FORM GSTR 3B(Notification No.21)
July = 20th August
August = 20th September
Request to kindly get your data for the month July shared with us on or before 15th August.
20th August is last date, which is Sunday, banks will be working till 18th, thus, tax would be required to be paid on or before 18th.